You Enjoy Myself

Full tab and closeup run-through


  • You Enjoy Myself

I had wanted to do a lesson on YEM for a long time, but wasn’t sure about my fingerings until I did a deep dive on the version he played with the Seattle Symphony, where the camera guy is right at Trey’s feet (find it here:

I don’t think it’s essential that we do the fingerings exactly like Trey does, but it’s obviously worth checking out his way of doing it. In fact, I played this quite differently for 20 years, and may still continue to play it “my way,” just because I have practiced it so much that it would be hard to un-learn.

Legato playing

The main thing about the intro to this song is that it should be played very legato, which means that the notes are smooth and connected, with no space or silence between them. And at the same time, they should not overlap, either, so it takes some finesse to get the sound right.

Practice it slowly, even ridiculously slowly, and really concentrate on your tone throughout, going for that legato sound.



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