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HCG has been owned and operated for more than 20 years by Paul Murin, a Colorado-based guitarist and teacher who toured with Phix and currently plays with DeadPhishOrchestra. I seem to specialize in the music of the Grateful Dead and Phish, but have a degree in jazz studies, and an extensive background in a wide variety of styles.

2024 is bringing a new chapter to HCG, as I have been creating full courses for guitar players. The first, called “Base Camp,” is designed for advanced beginner to intermediate players who really want to get a handle on the entire fretboard. Upcoming courses will feature more advanced material (modes, arpeggios, soloing over chord changes), the blues, and even a course designed for beginners.

July 1 2024 brings the “soft” grand opening of the Base Camp guitar course. I have not yet started to promote or advertise it, but the course is live and all of the pieces are in place. If you are interested, check out the info page.

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