Base Camp: Learn The Fretboard Once And For All

A chord-based approach to fretboard knowledge
(available VERY soon–June of 2024)

Base Camp is a full-featured guitar course designed for advanced beginner and early intermediate players who are looking to get a better grasp on the layout of the fretboard. If your goal is to be able to improvise freely over any chord and in any key, this course will provide an excellent place to start. From here you’ll have a great foundation to grow in any musical direction you choose.

I don’t claim to have come up with anything revolutionary here. But while most online guitar lessons focus on scale patterns as a starting point, the Base Camp course approaches the fretboard by starting with chords and building out from there (you might call it “the CAGED system on steroids”). You’ll use scales, but you’ll use them based on how they relate to the chord. This helps keep your sound focused and intentional, and helps you avoid that noodling, searching feeling that scale-based thinking can often produce.

While there’s no real shortcut, and there’s no way to get around the fact that you have to put in some practice time, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it actually is.

Features of the course

  • A logical, step-by-step process for learning the fretboard
  • No theory knowledge required
  • Instructional content plus exercises, sample licks, and real-world examples for each chapter
  • 25+ videos totaling over 3 hours of video content
  • Videos feature tabs and animations
  • Well over 100 pages of instruction and tabs in ready-to-print PDF format
  • Backing tracks (for download or streaming) for you to play along with when practicing

In addition, I am responsive by email and will always be available
to answer questions, clarify things, and help guide you in general.

Full access is $40.
(About the cost of a single 30-minute guitar lesson).

This is not a monthly membership.
It’s a one-time fee that will give you permanent access to the course.

Signup will be available June 2024

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