Eyes of the World

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Eyes - 1st solo (Emaj7 to Bm)

Eyes - 2nd solo (Emaj7 - Bm - A)


The two main solo sections in Eyes of the World are nearly the same. The first solo simply alternates between Emaj7 and Bm, and the second solo tacks an A chord on to the end.

The Emaj7 chord calls for the E ionian mode in this case, and the Bm chord calls for the B dorian mode, which is made up of the same notes as E mixolydian. And you may then notice that, really, only one note from the scale needs to change in order to accommodate the chords…use a D# over the Emaj7 chord, and a D over the Bm chord. Pro tip: if you try to target that note right at the moment that the chord changes, it’ll really sound like you know what you’re doing.

Scale Diagrams:

  • 2nd position
  • 4th position
  • 7th position
  • 9th position
  • 11th/12th position
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