The Power of Pentatonics #4: The Major “Blues” scale

Add the b3 as a passing note to spice up the major pentatonic scale


  • The Power of Pentatonics #4: The Major Blues Scale

  • You may have already heard of the “blues” scale, and the traditional definition of it is more associated with the minor pentatonic scale (which I will cover in upcoming lessons in this series). Interestingly, there’s a parallel version of it that we can associate with the major pentatonic as well. Just by adding this one note, the major pentatonic becomes a whole lot more interesting to the ear.

    The note we are adding is the b3, or minor third. Seems like an odd choice in a way, but in fact the minor 3rd used as a passing tone over a major chord is a core sound of the blues, and by extension, it is in the DNA of just about all American music, from blues to jazz to rock to country.

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