The Power of Pentatonics #2: Mapping The Fretboard

The Major Pentatonic Scale as an extension of the CAGED system, and a map of the fretboard


  • The Power of Pentatonics #2: Mapping The Fretboard

PDF for this lesson:

Amazing Grace (5 ways pentatonic)

You may already be familiar with the CAGED system. If you aren’t, you may want to check out my lessons on the subject. However, while the CAGED system is useful as a roadmap, it doesn’t give you much to work with when you’re improvising. Pentatonic scales are at least as familiar as CAGED to most guitar players, and provide you more material to use when building melodies.

For something to practice, check out the PDF on this page, which covers 5 versions of the melody of Amazing Grace, using each of the pentatonic scale fingerings.


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